Monday, December 06, 2004

Prejudice theory ramble

And so the question arises, wouldn't it be optimal to always be able to respond, in every situation, according to one's beliefs? Isn't that what the spiritually evolved are often able to do, act in every situation according to their spirits' state and direction (I suspect that this phrase had its heyday a few centuries ago in British physics)?

I am reminded of some thought system (Buddhism?) that holds that one should slow down one's thinking. Trace the path of every thought, understand it fully. At any rate, if responding according to one's beliefs means controlling thought (at least at first, until it becomes a habit) there may be something in it. And what of The Matrix?

The Matrix! Neo dies, then is resurrected by Trinity (and love). Suddenly he has gone to the next level - Smith's best efforts are slow to Neo's newfound powers. Slow down thought. Thoughts die. They're lovingly revived (in a new context?). This time they are powerful.

Just a thought.


The best of prejudice theory and the best of social categorisation theory directs me to say, for social group situations:

When possible, start by thinking inclusively.
Think a little.

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