Tuesday, September 13, 2005

If this isn't funny then it sure is sad

Today I walk down the street and see two girls approaching from afar on the other side of the street. I decide to switch sides so I can cross paths with them. They look sternly ahead but as we are about to pass one another one of them ventures to glance up, looking me in the eyes. The surprised look on her face when I give her a broad smile! She half-smiles and raises her eye-brows, but she seems rather bewlidered and soon swings her focus in front of her with a look as if thinking: "Oh god, did he really smile at me?" Hey sweetie, it happens, but I'll be honest I wasn't just being friendly.

Gosh, I guess it's sad when you need validation.

On a lighter note, What a Carve Up! is proving to be a pretty funny and a pretty good book. Its faults are also its strengths - it was becoming too very English to take seriously, almost a parody of itself. But I've been vamped by a Kubrickian gothic pathos (crunch that) suddenly showing its pale, suffering face here in the last 100 pages.