Monday, April 17, 2006


Does it pay off to experiment? Of course it does! It's just not always obvious. People seem to think that experimentation without a clearly defined form or intent is just improvisation and exercise - and they may not be entirely wrong - but there is also the converse problem of looking at something that appears to be novel and a little too accidental to be of any significance, but may in fact have some guiding hypothesis embedded in its structure that is not obvious to the superficial reader.

In the following two stanzas I have thrown together words and phrases that sound similar and sometimes pleasing to the ear, but they also conjure up meanings when read to the end. To put it differently, what started as rhyming nonsense ended up creating an atmosphere. Isn't that interesting in itself?

Callous sandal quay
salad candalee
love lost, listless thistle thee
lilt the still-loved sea

ill and Linda Lee
did India link darkly
"go now" so dearly she
angelically from me