Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sigur Ros - Glosoli

I do believe this band will become hyped and then overhyped, which is a real shame because the music and the Icelandic atmosphere in the music video have a bit of authentic magic. Music lovers, do yourself the favour.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Appreciative shoppers

Appreciative shoppers! go to WillingDates dot com
let your longing slide out on the checkout stack prom
eye anyone with freedom (there's no maintenance)
and hand them any topics - none can silence their interest!
Our supplies are scheduled and endlessly issued
upon your steely barter. Have some Moet Chandelier
and give plentiful attention, keep them willing, and dear
oh! and mingle in your own time with the other guests here:
they're improved, real people - with experiences to share!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Relationship peace

The 11th illustrated heart in Today magazine partners Ramon
with the Posh Bible's Mary-Ann Matignon
and those glad pages sadden me as if I've withstood
and sustained a year, not once, th'exquisite figure of your Good.
Mary I avoid thinking I’m against what he hopes
now They base the upoming show on you EXACTLY like you hoped.
These last days I do whatever, renew, almost crazily flaking
the changes in me, in you; I needed only us two, bubbling around, forsaking
not swooning. Ramon's face seems afraid, and with reason
he should miss the silence and that’s persuasion
rather to be AMAZING with your reality
to joke, qualitate time, foolishness and intimacy;
remind him just please if he isn't sorted and at ease
he will be finished when he waaay most happy
one night really craves a smooch. But I already there admit
this week’s marriage school lesson for me is the pits:
Lies destroy the silence of our lips.

Catwalk queen

lastly, the snobbish, adorable creator in the cast
addressing every elegance spewing style fast
though this appeal in polls is seen as exotic
the human gracing it probably enough to seem erotic
and word has gotten round for giving them their applause
you still went along, excited by the fuzz,
and in the park decided to center on Che
with a ready style experience to Photo it for Today;
the fiery Dolce bag in the vibrant cool evening
was endearingly edgy, but you couldn't get in
just essentially expert every which ready way
as her pretty lil style rejected your illusion.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Lavatory love

I am perfect while those choice five impatient
nuts never unearth our love-laying stations
a bedsend before dreaming me in sleep, and sharing
no cares that took place as conceit and you roughen me
but I survive in the lightning and fly almost woodmansee
through your bathroom tricks telling them it's because he
trustingly reads friendly hands yet really du
you failed to pee? I usher in the Q.
then I shop to emphasize our hands but
I really demand tongue to threaten the impossible rut
you don t halt them twice and I strongly bully
you to go hunting but you don t trouble them fully
just attain nowhere the bathrooms worth and conflict
a hand washing waist because we tightened my tits
with nerve gestures to just impress that Im actually
looking for something hot and more fashionably
making it despite sth safer for the economy appearing to burn
You absorb whatever and just interrupt my hand washing turn
of course laughing hands into a maneuver of complex
utterings on Tuesday; warm me if I crow spirit
inches of plain lovely life that is probably
enough to steal the freeze weirdly horribly
with a logical rage that needs cast of indiri-diri
temper a hard juice despite involuntary
strokes in my intimacy.